The Financial Cleanse

The Financial Cleanse is a refreshing 30 day coaching program that helps people save, earn and grow their money more effectively.


Yesterday I left the bank feeling accomplished. I thought back to when I filled out my intention form. I wrote that I wanted to have $2,000 in my bank account. I also stated that I wanted to put together a short film. At this moment I have more than $2,000 in my bank account and 3 weeks ago, I directed my first film. The intention form gave me clarity on what I wanted. Once I knew what I wanted, I went and got it. You have to know what you want to get it. If you don’t know what you want, how will you ever get it? I highly recommend the cleanse to anyone trying to get their life in order. GET CLARITY!!

Shakim Coleman, Film Maker

I had an unexpected break through in health! After being vegan for a little less than a year, I began to only eat raw food during the Financial Cleanse. This is something that I always wanted to do but I never did it. During the cleanse I analyzed my finances which also had me analyze different parts of my life that weren’t working as well as I’d like them to. Then I took action…and that’s when the breakthroughs happened. Not only are my finances in a better place, but I am 10 lbs lighter!

Chanel Hill, School Teacher

Michelle is a wonderful coach who brings the best out of you. The support she gives is rigorous but encouraging. I would recommend the Financial Cleanse to anyone who wants a REAL change in their M.O. around money. I’ve already changed for the better AFTER having done it, and have continued to see the difference it makes.

Thomas Murley, School Teacher

Before I started the cleanse, I avoided at all cost sharing my financial situation with friends and even some family. During the cleanse I really took responsibility for my financial circumstance and learned to take power in conversations and not feel defeated or weak in expressing myself. As a result, I shared myself authentically with a colleague and told a family member I was available for per diem work. In about two weeks I earned over $2,000 and landed a great job after looking for 4 months. Even bigger than that, I don’t allow fear of what others might think to control how I am with money.

Irijah Stennet, Business Owner

Over the last few years with events that have taken place in my life, I have found myself struggling to find the true me. I’ve gotten closer and closer but I have lost my sense of confidence in my ability to do and be amazing! There are some very important things that I’ve either learned or been reminded of during this cleanse that have helped me get that back! I am taking a leap of faith in myself and my ability to be amazing. I have gotten offered a position as a real estate agent (something I’ve wanted to do for a while) and while I don’t have my license yet, I am taking classes and the job will provide training prior to my official start. I’m excited for what I will have in the future.

Jade Husbands, Real Eastate Agent

Thank you so much for creating the Financial Cleanse. This course was exactly what I was looking for to guide me with a better way to handle my finances and help me to be more aware of how I am around money and spending. The advice was great and listening to a variety methods that work for other people was helpful. Since the cleanse I have been more aware of my spending and how I plan things out. I have saved money and communicate with my husband more freely about spending and bills. I have a better focus on my goals to achieve now.

Darlina Jones, Mary Kay Consultant

The Financial Cleanse was life changing for me. I got in touch with what really mattered not just financially but for my life. I must admit, it was tough at first, but through the process I learned to trust myself more and make wiser choices with my money. It even impacted the people closet in my life because I began to be honest with myself about where I was and it was touching to be that authentic. I also noticed that people were willing to take care of me, and I have ALWAYS been the one to take care of others. It was nice to let others show how much they love me. The Cleanse is truly a cleanse for your life and I highly recommend this program.

Aisha Carr, HR Director

Michelle’s methods of helping people create the money and career they have always wanted really work, and works fast. From my experience of working with her, she has a way of cutting all the fat away, getting me present to the meat of what I really want and the most direct method for getting it to show up in my life. She helps you take away the guesswork and speculation and helps you get what you want

KS Rives, Artist

“Each time I engaged with excercises in the cleanse…job opportunities immediately started opening up!”

Bonny Alphonso, Make Up Artist

Money is coming in. I have a financial plan for the next few months. I have implemented a budget. I talk to my mom and dad everyday. People and friends who no longer support me have been cleansed away. – I am grounded. I have paid off about $3,000 in debt. I just want to thank you for the preparation, the intention, the time, the effort, the calls, the emails, the scheduling, the follow ups. You made it seem so simple. It has been a cleanse for My entire life, all areas have been affected, impacted. For the first time I want to be a homeowner, for Myself. Now doing the work to be one. – I’m at peace with my financial past. There’s a clear view of what’s possible. I have been allowing the wind to take Me anywhere it blows, however now, I am the one pulling the string of the kite of My life, while Mother/Father God, blows. I am in a relationship with My new God. A new relationship, being My divine self.

Samuel Carlos Miches, Business Owner

After participating in the cleanse I created a new relationship with money. In the past it seemed as though there was always lack of money. Now I’ve created the possibility where money comes easily and frequently. The cleanse helped be empowered in getting clear and flat with where I currently was, and create goals and structures that supported me in being financially responsible. Michelle and her team are committed to your success. Thank you for being a remarkable woman who’s passionate about having others succeed in life-however way that may look like for them. You are bold, innovative, fun, knowledgeable, and a space for possibilities to exist; those are just a few of the many words to describe Michelle is go-getter that gets things done!

Georgianna Weah, PR Consultant

The Financial Cleanse gave me an inside-out approach to my financial life by uncovering the beliefs, thoughts, and fears that did not support me. You helped me address my current financial situation so I could grow financially and personaly. Thank you for leading by example and inspires others to ‘step their game up’ and be fully aligned and engaged with their life’s vision.

Shante’ Haymore, Founder of

Before the cleanse, I just went with the flow and life happened to me. After the 30 days, I learned to take actual responsibilty for my foals and also how to make things happen. I am now on track to retake my MCAT and look forward to entering medical school in the fall. I also learned how to manage my time, that was a big shocker for me. I am more clear about my life and feel successful.

Okite Oyiborhor, Student

The Financial Cleanse is a game-changer. I was a part of the very first financial cleanse a year ago and am happy to say I’ve changed my habits around money for good. What the financial cleanse helped me to do is actually see which habits were leaving me worried, disempowered and with little money in my accounts. Once I know what they were I was able to take steps to change them. I actually saved $700 in my first month on the Financial Cleanse. Do it.

Nicole Mathison, School Teacher

Inside of a few minutes, maybe about 10, Michelle had me clear on what I wanted in terms of employment. Subsequently upon following the steps she indicated, I shared with people with what I created and within 24 to 48 hours I actually had a job offer and became employed. Working with Michelle made a tremendous difference for me and my life. I highly recommend working with Michelle when searching for meaningful work and having what you want to have in your life. Thank you Michelle.

Ami Schrager, Life Coach

In working with others I learned about myself. You gave non stop details and options in how to get my financial situation under control. You HIT THE BUTTON. Much of what I uncovered was buried deep with in from when I was 4, I am 76 now! I recognized things that no longer served a purpose and I cleaned out my mess. I feel focus, light and happier. You did a great job. It was simple, real and sometimes funny, it just flowed. Thank you.
Albert Eaton-Bey, Business Owner

Great Program! My wife and I had been struggling and in fear of facing our financial situation. The cleanse helped us immensely. We created reality and clarity about all the debt and in doing so, were in a position to take real actions. Michelle was an amazing coach and helped us with the tangible actions as well as creating a freeing perspective for both of us. The combination of the two is VERY powerful! This shift in perspective during the Financial Cleanse helped me secure my dream job, and shave off the first chunks in our debt reduction plan.
Graham Ivory, Architect