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“I was skeptical at first. I saw that it worked for others so I gave it a try. The steps were confronting but they were definitely a catalyst in breaking down my barriers in getting support to find a job. Michelle’s coaching was empowering and succinct. Getting clear on how to handle life while finding a job was priceless. I found a great job once I actually followed the method and now I have another job I am starting in a few weeks and it’s totally my dream job.” R. Wolinsky

“Working with Michelle had a surprising impact. I found a job that I have been at for the last 6 months and it is exactly what I was looking for. I am challenged every single day of the week and I am growing far beyond where I have known myself to perform ever before. What I really got through working with Michelle is that everything I needed was right there and all I had to do was open my mouth and my mind!” M.Pongnon

“Michelle’s insights and powerful questions and simple-to-follow instructions led me to find the most fun job/career scenario possible! In addition, people started paying me for things that I originally did voluntarily. It was through her very simple process that I have a really fun work-life that brings in the money needed. Anyone can have this success if they follow her steps.” J. Fahay